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Choca Loca Designs is Darleen Dominguez

Artist ~ Designer ~ Maker

... with a flair for color and various mediums

Choca: Chocolate Brown Me

Loca: Well, I’ve been known to be a little crazy!

Design: Love Color and the Simplicity of Design.

The design of my logo is me, always in shorts, wild hair pulled back in a bandana, and rolled up sleeves to be able to move around and work!

A little history about me, My professional background I was a buyer for a high-end retail store in Dallas. Learned from the best talented people regarding Fashion and Service to our clients. Listen to your customer, Select the Best and Curate your Line with the knowledge of Uniqueness and Specialness to your customer.

This did prepare me to eventually start my own business designing hand-made greeting cards and selling to a local retail store that Sold Out of my Valentine’s Day cards on the first day! I was absolutely thrilled! Made more and acquired more stores to sell too. I was hooked! I was so thrilled to know that my valentine’s design was given to a loved one on this special day.

Through the years, I apprenticed with women artisans to make custom books and art portfolios and learned so much more on color theory and design elements. I really love this part of my business, designing books for weddings, personal journals for individuals. Or designing a portfolio for an artist or photographer to showcase their work. Every piece I designed was custom-made entirely for that individual.

I eventually learned how to marble leather, I’ve always been intrigued by this medium of Art. The simplicity of design and color and the magic of what happens when it is made on leather! This is why I like designing a simple bag, wallet, book or piece of art with it.

The Art is the Uniqueness of the piece. One of a Kind.

Okay, got through the first blog entry, getting to know where I came from, Just a plain o` girl from San Antonio, Texas!


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